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The Butterfly


What guy here hasn't tried this? Be honest. None of you right?


by yak

submitted June 23rd 2008

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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regardless of what he just said i saw him do that same shit on bourbon street a few years back
10 years ago
As many of these guys stuff revolves around each others penises you wonder if they are all gay...
10 years ago
no you wonder. i know!
10 years ago
I almost ran over Wee Man once outside a grocery store. He just darted in front of the car and he jumped up and slammed the hood of my car. He was a good sport about it tho.
10 years ago
wee-man deserves to die like the rest of those fuck-asses
10 years ago
Further proof that white people dont have shit to do
10 years ago
damned straight
10 years ago
shouldn't you be pulling some cotton somewhere?
10 years ago
lets all prove Steve O wrong and stop watching these fucking idiots.
10 years ago
Has anyone seen the SteveO movie PCP Saved My life? It is very weird.
10 years ago
bme for beginners
10 years ago
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