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Milk Fist


More milky goodness.


by Magawd

submitted June 15th 2008

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A classic scene featuring fist queen Dolly Buster.
10 years ago
i wonder if it was hot or cold milk...
tepid, maybe?
10 years ago
got milk?
10 years ago
Yup, we had plenty the first time http://www.muchosucko.com/show/got_milk_-26683
10 years ago
^^^ Does that mean its a repost? Or shall I say does it COUNT as a repost!?
10 years ago
did you um.. watch both?

10 years ago
Alright I have to admit I didn't, I just saw the same Milky Skank in both and figured it had to be the same movie Can't blame a bitch for trying!
10 years ago
Why can't we?
10 years ago
Yes, we can
10 years ago
Assume the position, VicSin.
10 years ago
Was anyone else amazing at the amount of milk he poured in her snatch?
10 years ago
Amazed* Don't drink and type kids.
10 years ago
I'm amazing most of the time...

...and drunk too!
10 years ago
What, you can't fit a pint in yours, Typical?
10 years ago
I would totally dunk Oreos in that shit. Not because she's hot...just, well, because.
10 years ago
I have to wonder, what sort of mistakes has a person made in life to end up in this situation?
10 years ago
I dunno, that seems like fun !
10 years ago
That so used to be a guy...
10 years ago
SOMETHING like this:

step 1) put picture on mucho of you wearing a kilt
step 2) let a few years pass
step 3) got milk?

10 years ago
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