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Crazy Alex Trebek

Too much Jeopardy can rot your brain it seems.


by yak

submitted June 12th 2008

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I hate George Stromobopolosuckmycockolous.
10 years ago
I hate you
10 years ago
i thought it was pretty damn funny
10 years ago
Not a fan of the ladies eh Trabek?
10 years ago
he needs his stash back.
10 years ago
Q: Things Morph would say after a blow job.
10 years ago
What is "Bitch make me a sandwich"?
10 years ago
What is,"How much do I owe you?"
10 years ago
that made me laugh there for i do not wish painful death upon any of you. not even zxcvviohf;kbnslkdnvs;ldnvsao;ifas;ojsao;ihdvso;dihfspoaihfpasoifhgpsoaidhfpsoidnvoipshdvfnasoidhnpaewiohw09efjweo[-fijwe0fjwhe0fhwhe0[-fjehomo
10 years ago
dang....i need to hang with Alex one of these days....that man can party!....lol
10 years ago
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