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Highlander With Lightsabers

Well, I'd have to agree, this movie should have had lightsabers. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!


by yak

submitted June 12th 2008

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Pretty cool, although the repetitive acrobat flips get a little stale.
10 years ago
i'd like them to reboot the highlander series and do it with like woo ping doing the swordplay and shit ;)

10 years ago
Luke, release your anger.

Oh and "ChristopherAndrew" needs to find a new fucking font. Way too Star Trek Enterprise.....
10 years ago
For some reason, every time I look at that guy I think of Mortal Kombat.
10 years ago
He was also in a neat movie called
"Fortress", the sequel sucked.
10 years ago
christopher lambert
10 years ago
THATS his name. Thanks, puff.
10 years ago
gad he has such a huge fucking forehead!
10 years ago
10 years ago
Pretty ace work, the way the light saber hit the car and all that.. but bleh, those swords always seemed kinda gay.
10 years ago
Bad day to park in the underground parking lot, and you thought it would be safer there.
10 years ago
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