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Yojimbo With Lightsabers

It kind of gives him an unfair advantage I'd say... One of the best samurai movies ever created tho, with or without lightsabers.


by yak

submitted June 12th 2008

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Fuck off already with this stupid fucking lightsaber shit. Starwars sucks, this sucks, you suck, you all fucking suck!

Fucking lame Nerds!
10 years ago
You fail.
10 years ago
Yes that includes you
10 years ago
How could that possibly include me, you fucking crybaby.
10 years ago
I can hardly take seriously a man who has some kind of anime green hulk/vampirish guy wearing a purple and black outfit as his avatar.
10 years ago
How can i take seriously someone who hasn't heard of/seen Harvey Birdman?
10 years ago
It includes you, Greven, because you fall under the category of "you all".
10 years ago
Toshiro Mifune is a BEAST!!! And of course Akira Kurosawa is an excellent director.I think he's actually gonna be a co-producer for the big budget remake of Seven Samurai that comes out in 2009.
10 years ago
he is dead asshole.
10 years ago
Oh is he? hmm, I had no idea. Sorry to offend you.
10 years ago
Yak, did you make this? If so, you should try Highlander with lightsabers.
10 years ago
My bad, I just saw the highlander one.
10 years ago
he might as well had a lightsaber the that he FUCKS people up in his movies....
ps- warriors and kill bill
9 years ago
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