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Stunt Doesn't Go Well

wrestling is so gay


by MuchoPro

submitted June 7th 2008

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Fucking dipshits
9 years ago
yep time to add another warning sticker to all ladders
9 years ago
didnt go well?? Think it was perfect. At least it looked real!!
9 years ago
ya i prefer this take...
9 years ago
i hope im dead before that generation takes the reigns
9 years ago
They're putting drugs in the food to keep us alive even longer now.
9 years ago
I have never ONCE seen one of these videos where the stunt DID work out well... no one learns i guess, then again what can you expect from shithead rednecks like these guys?
9 years ago
I was disappointed when the one on the trampoline started moving right away,I was hoping he'd get at least a painful head injury.
9 years ago
I was disappointed nobody died
9 years ago
i think they were tryin to kiss then the other guy jumped to save his ass verginity
9 years ago
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