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Seasaw nutshot

Seesaws are the worst playground thing ever


by MuchoPro

submitted June 3rd 2008

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I don't think it's the seesaw that's the problem, it's the dumbfucks who play on them.
10 years ago
Good thing they won't be multiplying any time soon.
10 years ago
I think they both caught it in the nuts.
10 years ago
fucking idiots
10 years ago
so, this was intentional? if not, then i guess he was hoping for smth else to happen....
10 years ago
fuckin lame...one fucker didn't straddle the pipe instead of the seat, and the other retard didn't jump hard enough
10 years ago
i think see-saws might be illegal in canada now..or at least just so dangerous nobody wants a lawsuit
10 years ago
poor see-saw it gots a dent in it now and these dumbfucks are gonna keep doing it because....
10 years ago