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Just submitted my resume.


by Mako

submitted May 29th 2008

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This is remarkably similar to the teacher's lounge
9 years ago
Who DOESN'T fantasize about Alan Rickman?
9 years ago
oh, yeah, the voice of God always turns me on...
9 years ago
I have a thing for Marvin
9 years ago
God i love Alan Rickman...::drool:: for an older man hes perfect. (yes I'm a girl.)
9 years ago
no you're not!
9 years ago
At least she bothers to wipe.
9 years ago
yes... but shes a fat pig so does it really matter?
9 years ago
Motherfuckin, cocksuckin, ass monkey! Ha Ha. Must have not liked someone's MS comments.
9 years ago
hehe...i read your comment while waiting for the damn vid to start. i just thought you got pissed off about something...lol
9 years ago
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