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Frying up Some Eggs


I don't know what the obsession with weird porn having people shooting eggs out of their pussies is... This shit wouldn't happen if she had stronger kegel muscles tho.. that much is certain!


by yak

submitted May 27th 2008

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Lame. Ostrich eggs are the way to go.
9 years ago
now a real mucho video would be of her with an ostrich egg and then throw here in the microwave
9 years ago
...while taking a shit.
9 years ago
... on another chicks face
9 years ago
Try explaining that to the doctor when they get stuck.
9 years ago
haha, i thought she lost it for a second
9 years ago
Anybody notice the fucking hemmroids hanging out of her ass?
9 years ago
i'm surprised women don't use their vaginas as storage more often
9 years ago
9 years ago
why did the rooster cross the road? Cos its dick was stuck in the chicken...
9 years ago
her head looks like an egg,,, maybe she can spit that out her twat too?
9 years ago
even chickens don't find it that hard
3 weeks ago
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