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Nipple Stapling

Looks like its much cheaper then paying to get your nipples pierced.


by yak

submitted May 21st 2008

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Yeeaaaah... No thanks.
10 years ago
no no...you gotta try it. It feels best after the infection has set in. Looks better too.
10 years ago
who the fuck would even think about doing this?
10 years ago
The guy in the video??
10 years ago
Ah yes, drunken stupidity.
10 years ago
Brings back memories, huh!
10 years ago
i bet his balls were next.
10 years ago
the anger is building up inside
taunting me with these demented dreams-
dreams of death, rampage, hostility,
filled with the sound of bloodcurdling screams.

a single shot will take it away;
a single shot will make them see.
but why should i stop at just one shot
when i could take them all down with me?

those who spawn this bitterness of mine,
who think they possess a godlike wrath,
will know how it feels to be despised,
to be the prey in my sweet bloodbath.

a single shot could make it all stop
a single shot could make me forget.
but i will not stop at just one shot...
i have not fired these last rounds yet.

i cannot take it any longer;
i must put an end to this vile rage.
it was really quite a foolish thing
for you to let me out of my cage.

a single shot is just not enough;
a single shot won't keep me content.
so i will not stop at just one shot...
i must let this bloodlust run its course.

i dare you to laugh at me again
when this gun is pointing at your head.
i bet you won't mock me anymore...
my patience is gone; i want you dead.

a single shot ended the insults;
a single shot and i watched them fall.
i gave them all what they deserved,
and the laughter stopped, once and for all.

now i lift the gun to my temple
and prepare to take my own last breath.
i will soon be free of my sick mind
for there is no therapist like Death
10 years ago
this should be reason enough to have comment character count.
10 years ago
There is no reason to have a comment that long...
10 years ago
Ravager, fuck off.
10 years ago
Don't forget to video it.
10 years ago
smerf, fuck off.
10 years ago
Hey, I told you to fuck off before you told me to fuck off, so you have to fuck off first.
10 years ago
man rule
10 years ago
Is this your younger brother smerf, or just a friend?
10 years ago
I'm the youngest and no, I don't know him. He's a retard. You can't get the piercing in if you do it that way.
10 years ago
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