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ninja cop

This guy could kick my ass any day.


by gana

submitted May 21st 2008

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was that van dam?
9 years ago
No it was David Lee Roth
9 years ago
Don't fuck with the SPETZNAZ!
9 years ago
haha...that litle kids wants a piece of the action
9 years ago
Definitely NOT American.
9 years ago
If only we could do that here. Russian, i'm sure.
9 years ago
that guy had a boner for authority.
9 years ago
eh, he just blindsided a drunk russian
9 years ago
My thoughts exactly.
9 years ago
"stop resisting!" *kick*
9 years ago
Gotta admit, he had spunk.
9 years ago
i think rish would have kicked the guys head off
9 years ago
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