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Stephen Lynch - Live at the El Ray From a series I'm submitting


by smerf

submitted May 21st 2008

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Josh Blue is better.
9 years ago
Do we really need a series of this? Come on.. if we want it we'll buy it or DL it... this isn't MUCHO-worthy...
9 years ago
uncensurd comedy...whats not mucho worthy
9 years ago
The fact that it's not censured.
9 years ago
O.K... Do you mean censured


or Censored?

9 years ago
Are you calling me on my spelling?
You really didn't understand what I meant?
9 years ago
Censure (pronounced /ˈsɛnʃəɹ/) is a process by which a formal reprimand is issued to an individual by an authoritative body. In a deliberative assembly, a motion to censure is used.

Because this really doesn't apply, does it?
9 years ago
ok i know you alright sir
9 years ago
who gives a fuck grammar cop
9 years ago
I hope you are talking to HelloNurse, PuffalottaButt. She's the one being the spelling police.
9 years ago
Yes, we need a series of this. Fuck off.
9 years ago
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