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Stephen Lynch - Live at the El Ray From a series I'm submitting


by smerf

submitted May 21st 2008

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Josh Blue is better.
10 years ago
Do we really need a series of this? Come on.. if we want it we'll buy it or DL it... this isn't MUCHO-worthy...
10 years ago
uncensurd comedy...whats not mucho worthy
10 years ago
The fact that it's not censured.
10 years ago
O.K... Do you mean censured


or Censored?

10 years ago
Are you calling me on my spelling?
You really didn't understand what I meant?
10 years ago
Censure (pronounced /ˈsɛnʃəɹ/) is a process by which a formal reprimand is issued to an individual by an authoritative body. In a deliberative assembly, a motion to censure is used.

Because this really doesn't apply, does it?
10 years ago
ok i know you alright sir
10 years ago
who gives a fuck grammar cop
10 years ago
I hope you are talking to HelloNurse, PuffalottaButt. She's the one being the spelling police.
10 years ago
Yes, we need a series of this. Fuck off.
10 years ago
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