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WKRP Closing lyrics

I always wondered what they said. -Ya, that's me at the end.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted May 8th 2008

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Well, thank god the poodle had its lid on.
9 years ago
otherwise i wouldnt do it
9 years ago
I'm out of salsa.
9 years ago
All I remember from that show was how hot Loni Anderson was and it was about a radio station, and that was it....
9 years ago
Look closely. Jan Smithers was way hotter.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I only remember the intro song "Baby if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me...". I'm lookin' up Jan Smithers right now though...
9 years ago
"WKRP in Cincinnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttiiiiiiii."
9 years ago
This is Les Nessman saying so long and may the good news be yours.
9 years ago
the words didn't sound like that
9 years ago
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