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The removal of a tasty looking tonsillolith.


by flyawaytroll

submitted May 5th 2008

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Meh, thats no big deal...I saw white things like that in another pink cavity...but it was between her legs.
10 years ago
Man, I get those fucking things in my throat when I'm sick. Scratchy bastards.
10 years ago
Get them taken out bro. I had them my whole life, and then I got my tonsils out. No more crap like that for me.
10 years ago
yea bro.
10 years ago
I have gotten those too.....anyone know what causes them? You can feel them in your throat... it sucks.....
10 years ago
its a combo of bacteria and food particles. only way to get rid of em is to have a tonsillectomy.
10 years ago
Those are the biggest ones i've ever seen. Those things always smell like absolute SHIT too
10 years ago
But they taste ohhhhh so delicious!
10 years ago
Too chewy.
10 years ago
stink to the high heavens..
10 years ago
You sick fuckz.
10 years ago
That was damn well raunchy... And that person swallowed that second one. nasty.
10 years ago
That second one was fucking enormous. I've had these too, but not in a while.
9 years ago
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