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Happy belated easter!


I wonder how much these girls get paid?


by thegoober

submitted May 4th 2008

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Does Joe Rogan have their number? He was trying to get the 2 Girls 1 Cup chicks. These gals would fit right in.
10 years ago
Simply great!
For girls to be doing that.
What a thrill. The missing element
is for a guy to be sodomizing the three.
10 years ago
what is the attraction here? smelly foul waste is arousing?
10 years ago
Makes me hungry for fudge bunnies.
10 years ago
What a turn-on.
Women licking a shitty shithole.
How more depraved can women get.
As for shit-eating... well,
that is a turn-on for
those into scatology.
The missing element here
is for a guy to sodomize
all three shitty shitholes.
10 years ago
what the fuck
is wrong with you?
as for your comments
they all have this weird structure.
I guess thats cool...
if your a fag
10 years ago
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by..
10 years ago
No robert frost
10 years ago
I am going to
Speak only in Haiku form.
So fuck you, faggot.
10 years ago
Also, shitty girls
Turn me on like nothing else.
I want to fuck them.
10 years ago
Now that's one good easter celebration.
10 years ago
i'm done with humans....fuck humans....
10 years ago
heh stick to ponys... then post it for us all to enjoy
10 years ago
You bastards put something that doesn't scar my mentality
10 years ago
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10 years ago
I want a Wii doesn't mean i want shovelware. Same thing here
10 years ago
Stop whining you little bitch
10 years ago
wheres my easter egg ? mutha fuckers...
10 years ago
stupid bitches! don't they know easter is already over?
10 years ago
They don't give a shit ^__^
10 years ago
Note to self:I need to get on this site before I eat diner.
10 years ago
10 years ago
What i wanna know... is how the hell they shit so much!! they must eat a lot or i don't know.... but that is a lot of shit!!!!
10 years ago
no, no, no, no
10 years ago
really hot!!
10 years ago
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