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Swear Bingo

Straight to hell for these people who insist on cussing!


by yak

submitted May 3rd 2008

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Haha these are great.
10 years ago
haha limey's have a good sense of humour.
10 years ago
Pretty amusing, but I was hoping for a roomfull of old ladies at a Bingo hall, cussing up a storm.
10 years ago
How do you get three little old ladies to shout "Fuck"? Get another little old lady to shout "Bingo!"
10 years ago
ooooooorrrrr take away three of their S.S. checks.
10 years ago
I win this contest nearly monthly when the Jehovahs show up.
10 years ago
Tell em your a satanist
10 years ago
Say hi to mom when she shows up.
10 years ago
All of Neg's Urban Sports vids are great. If anyone has the rest, post them!
10 years ago
First guy wouldn't even let him use the bathroom. I'd a hit him with my dick across the face and then called him a fucking cunt,then I would have taken a shit and pissed on his ass.

10 years ago
I would have asked if he wanted a bum
10 years ago
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