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Piercing FUN!


I'm not exactly sure what the ass light is for, is it some sort of warning indicator?


by yak

submitted May 2nd 2008

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ok this is hot
10 years ago
lets you know when the turkey is done.
10 years ago
it's for guiding the aircraft in.
10 years ago
that thing in her ass looks like the thing arnold pulled out of his nose in total recall
10 years ago
I so envy these doms. They really do have the best job in the world.
10 years ago
I cant seem to bear to watch this too graphic....
10 years ago
is there sum formula to measure the force in newton,bein experienced by her on her clit
10 years ago
F=ma, where "a" in this case is the gravitation constant and "m" is the proportion of her body mass being held up by her clit.
10 years ago
Smerf, isnt that more of a calculus equation, versus a theory on the physics of the force on her clit?
10 years ago
It's the physics formula for force. Why would we need a theory for it?
10 years ago
Ah, a formula, okay. Wasn't sure of the proper term.
10 years ago
actually i would like to see one of those needles pierce her brain, wouldnt that be cool?
10 years ago
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