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New Fetish?

I honestly dont get it, but at least one of you perverts is gonna get off to it.


by thebeeches

submitted April 28th 2008

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what the shit is this..
10 years ago
I for one welcome our new Bound Overlord.
10 years ago
thats very strange. its not even fapable
10 years ago
Thats a LARP Iron Maiden
10 years ago
i would like more of this please

10 years ago
Well, at least it's better than the Ball Boxing one......
10 years ago
I disagree. Ball bosing is atleast funny to watch. This shit is just crazy. I understand scat but this?
10 years ago
Wtf is this and what does it do. It looks like a human cacoon
10 years ago
and where can you buy one?
10 years ago
What the hell is going on in there?
I guess it leaves a lot up to the imagination, but i have never been one for surprises.
10 years ago
you ARE the father!
10 years ago
What's with the Courtney Love mask?
Bet that rubber outfit cost a bomb; looks pretty specialist to me - can't imagine there is much demand for many of them.
10 years ago
thats creepy....
10 years ago
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