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Dr. Megavolt!

Looks like its at the Burning Man festival.


by yak

submitted April 26th 2008

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burning man or Smerf's backyard
9 years ago
Definitely not my backyard. It's too big and there's no hot tub.
9 years ago
Burning Man is sort of like the Sturgis rally, only the attendants don't ride motorcycles, and are gay.
9 years ago
Looks like a tribute to Tesla.
9 years ago
"Who's the one that makes ya happy, who's the one that makes you smile....?" ....wait.
9 years ago
*whos the one always on your mind.

Fucked that one up good!!
9 years ago
Now wheres the blooper reel
9 years ago
9 years ago
Where is this? I've never heard of it.
9 years ago
I want a magic bird cage helmet so I can play with megavolts. I bet I would be the best-ever Dr Megavolt. Its like everybody got cool toys, except for me--they fear my megavolt doctoring skills.
9 years ago
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