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Taking them to the concert


by toolman961

submitted April 25th 2008

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Hahaha, that was funny.
9 years ago
Holding the $20 up... funny!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Ameriquest is giving the Specsavers commercials a run for their money. That was fuckin HILARIOUS
9 years ago
"Yep, officer, I'm her sugar daddy"
Cop: "I'll bet you are..."
9 years ago
Fake...a hot little piece of ass like that would be alot more than $20.
9 years ago
ya, like 25 dollars!!!
9 years ago
STD is free.... what a bargain!
9 years ago
I already gave my stepdaughter $20.
The older one you perves, she's 21.
9 years ago
Hook me up with a 3way. I'll pay you for both daughters.
9 years ago
If he didn't allow his daughter to dress like a street whore, there'd be no misunderstanding.
9 years ago
These commercials are funny. Fuckin' terrible music though.
9 years ago
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