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Vacuum Fap


I have a feeling that a girl fapping with a vacuum isn't actually safe.


by yak

submitted April 20th 2008

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shutup and get your uterus into the hepa filter bitch!
10 years ago
stupid jap. a coat hanger works much better.
10 years ago
I dig the look on her face! Smilin & lovin it! Wait, is that Rosa Kato?!
10 years ago
The fact that you actually recognize porn stars says volumes about your character.
10 years ago
No wonder women love that damn thing!
10 years ago
Is this a prepaid commercial in Japan for the new Flo-Bee. Get it?!
10 years ago
i approve this message.
10 years ago
I thought you might do that.
10 years ago
i love hairy pussy. shes a bit too ditsy but she isnt a bitch. gotta take the bad over the worse.
10 years ago
........ what? you are insane and you love men... she's perfect
10 years ago
Rough translation: "you say you can give me an abortion AND an orgasm at the same time ? oh cool... oooh...aaah....eeeeh... oh yeah that did it thanks!"
10 years ago
umm its called schlicking for ghirls not fapping

10 years ago
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