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Mommy is sexy.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted April 18th 2008

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God this is gay as hell, no wonder nobodies commented yet
10 years ago
I was going to say "Or no one can think of a gay enough comment to match it" But I realized that's just what you said.
... god I'm so drunk right now.
10 years ago
heterosexual love isnt gay
10 years ago
10 years ago
This makes Morph happy.
10 years ago
yeah it does actually.
10 years ago
It looks like Yak cut the clip short. There's lots of fucking too.
10 years ago
"I eat goldfish evvvvveryday, and my mom says 'That's ok'!"
10 years ago
fire the sound guy , there was terrible background noise
10 years ago
I'm still waiting for mommy claude!
10 years ago
You have to use your imagination, tool...
10 years ago
What? That sucked.
10 years ago
Guy looks like the LoTR archer dude.
10 years ago
lol nice "mom" costume.
10 years ago
He spoiled it by letting her do that. Everybody knows that you never go foot-to-mouth.
10 years ago
who would want to get jerked off by some lady's feet. i bet his dick stinks like fritos now.
9 years ago
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