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Another Tazer Vid

I so would have zapped him again and claimed my finger slipped on the trigger.


by 1rish1

submitted April 16th 2008

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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i fell like that once because i kicked dirt in my eyes while i was walking
10 years ago
lol its funny cause your have no legs
10 years ago
LMAO snail trail
10 years ago
Snail trail was funnier when I said it on the actual post of that picture.
10 years ago
Jack Ass wanna be
10 years ago
LSD wannabe
10 years ago
Let's hope plantshit doesn't see this. He'll lose his fucking mind when he hears another guy say that his ass is twitching. Then again.....HEY, PLANTSHIT, OVER HERE!!
10 years ago
10 years ago
Dude don't tase me!
10 years ago
i'm so sick of hearing that
10 years ago
thats why I said it.
10 years ago
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