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GG Allin meets Johnny Cash

I hope Johnny didn't get any shit on his hand.


by urkelbot

submitted April 1st 2008

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GG Allin meets Johnny Cash
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oh sweet gg ya gotta love him
10 years ago
No you don't.
10 years ago
well the guy is dead thank fuck
10 years ago
you have to respect gg. he did what he did to the extreme and that is sweet.
9 years ago
i'm not sure that's gg allin..not that it matters..who'd let him near johhny?
10 years ago
It is.
10 years ago
cant you see hes in disguise
10 years ago
Did not know who GG was I googled him and saw that I wasted My Fuc king time what a piece of trash that was... Hope Johnny did not get sick from touching that !
10 years ago
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