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That's Just Bananas!


Where'd her chin go?


by ferroaj

submitted March 31st 2008

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O_o...thirty one seconds of my life I can never get back...
9 years ago
Which shouldnt be much of a waste.
9 years ago
Yeah really. It's not like you would have been doing anything better with your fucking time, like curing cancer. Probably would have just been fucking touching yourself.
9 years ago
Eh, I'd let her toss my fruit salad.
9 years ago
she looked half starved, I guess her bananna was a little dry! way to improvise!
9 years ago
9 years ago
meh. if she let a dog eat it outta her pussy then id be interested.
9 years ago
I'd eat it.
9 years ago
You aren't supposed to peel it first? Are you?
9 years ago
why? have you been doing it with the peel on all this time?
9 years ago
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