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Terror Firmer

Another Troma masterpiece.


by urkelbot

submitted March 22nd 2008

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Wow, that was well and truly worthless.
9 years ago
What can I say, I have a morbid sense of humor, and find bad acting funny as hell... so I actually laughed. The mopping up of the "blood" with the tissue was quality classic slapstick dammit! LOL.
9 years ago
the movie is funny in my opinion; ron jeremy is in it
9 years ago
Toddster is the funniest fuckin skit! Or the naked running fat guy, or the guy eating shit. I guess the whole movie is pretty funny as fuck.
9 years ago
hahaha a fucking tissue cures all
9 years ago
hahaahh the tissues. brilliant.

i was hopping that the trucks would come back again to crush his head at the end.
9 years ago
hahahaha now that would be funny^
9 years ago
I was hoping he'd shit himself.
9 years ago
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