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Bush - Leave Iraq

This had me lol'ing like crazy. Please try and not laugh during this.


by yak

submitted October 5th 2004

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Dont blame the american people, blame the leaders and the specially designed, thinked through media system, that has manipulated people almost for a full PS:century now.

People will never change. Once you convince them - specially in that overwhelming way - they will go blind on everything that lays outside the sphere called the US and its media.

And even if they realise the truth, they are so naive to admit their own defeat.

PS: not talking about the americans only, but everywhere in the modern civilization. Like Europe for an instance.

The majority of people are self obsessed, running towards material goals, and only taking notice of what they hear in their own media. which can be manipulizing the truth.

But actually, its best to be ignorant.... We all know that the world gonna end by one way or another. My best gues would be the nukes unleashed.

*I dont know what kind of new weapons to be used in the third world war, but the war after that, people will use sticks and stones* -Albert Einstein
12 years ago
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