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DIY Liposuction

For all of you who need to lose a few extra pounds, this'll learn you how to give yourself liposuction!


by yak

submitted March 14th 2008

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At 02:33 he appears to 'enjoy' himself.

Also, why not try this on your face? That would be fantastic.
9 years ago
That's his fun hole.
9 years ago
Because I can't read the warning does this mean I can do it?
9 years ago
yup... alls you need is some rusty, dull scissors and a vacuum cleaner...
9 years ago
All I saw was: WARNING: *click-click-click-ay-yi-yi-yi-mao-didi-mao"
9 years ago
Bet the missing part of this video is him pouring that shit on the naked nurses.
9 years ago
Thought something was missing...
9 years ago
it'd be better with a huge dude who's skinny by the end of the video
9 years ago
HAHAHAHA he starts laughing
i think i would be the same if i did that to thyself but i would die
9 years ago
hurts like fuck once the epidural wears off.
9 years ago
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