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Needs More Cowblood

I mean cowbell.


by yak

submitted March 8th 2008

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ok... but she didnt even drink any... thats just lame.
9 years ago
serious drinking problem!
9 years ago
Got more on her than in her.
9 years ago
In the bubble, blood is like milk.
9 years ago
I question whether or not that's actually blood.
9 years ago
What a fail
9 years ago
Ok. this is bull shit. I had some surgeries on my neck, and I swallowed half of my blood volume. You drink enough blood, it comes back up violently.
9 years ago
this is a video of me, so its not fake.

9 years ago
lol he had surgeries on his neck to remove all of that nigger cum hes been swallowing.
9 years ago
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