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Anal For Little People


Even midgets do hardcore anal scenes!


by yak

submitted March 8th 2008

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I want to bang a midget bad!
10 years ago
CALL NOW! Operators are standing by.
10 years ago
So does Neffrey from down the club. But he's about 400lbs..
10 years ago
1rish, and by "bad", you mean like, premature ejaculation?
10 years ago
We represennnt... da Lolprolapse Guild, da Lolprolapse Guild, da Lolprolapse Guild, And in da name of da Lolprolapse Guiiiiiiiild... We wish to welcome you to Munchinland.
10 years ago
Shouldn't that be changed to "Mucholand"?
10 years ago
lol 1rish... i told you, you can bang the chick in this vid at the bunny ranch, for $1000
10 years ago
I want to bang one for free, or at least just by it a few drinks first.
10 years ago
The thing about midgets is that they're smaller than Normal sluts.
10 years ago
that midgit needs some fucking braces.

she coudl eat corn through a pickett fence
10 years ago
This chick is in all kinds of midget porn. She's been on here before. I submitted a midget porn compilation (that had her in it), but I don't think it got posted. Maybe I'll try to submit it again.

Oh, and I agree with Irish. I would love to fuck a midget.
10 years ago
bridgette the midget... i ysed to have "itsy bitsy gangbang".... it was hilarious..
10 years ago
10 years ago
Ehh, midgets always have bad teeth.
10 years ago
I knew a guy that fucked a midget he met at a renaissance fair. I asked him what it was like, and he said that all he remembered were little hands and feet everywhere.
10 years ago
hehehe i can imagine
10 years ago
A lifelike novelty condom.
10 years ago
All the holes are the same size, you just cant go in as far.
10 years ago
butt-a-bod. Everything but her body.
10 years ago
Hey, it's like grown-up-paedophilia :]
10 years ago
lol this is mucho hawt!
10 years ago
its bridget!
10 years ago
sweet its the full vid too!
10 years ago
Wher can you buy one of those?
10 years ago
Here ya go:
10 years ago
i'd like to see only midgets fuck each other. like the special olympics of porn midget gangbang
10 years ago
There was a movie I saw once a long time ago called "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that I think was kinda like that.
10 years ago
It is like sodomizing
an eight-year old child.
She brings out the pedophile in me.
Here in the Philippines,
one does not have to fuck
children because a lot of women
here are 4'7" and weigh 80lbs
and are flat-chested. They
look like children!
10 years ago
she's a good little cocksucker
9 years ago
Good girl
3 years ago
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