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Bottle Fapping


Thats one huge fucking bottle, the most disturbing thing is how far it goes in :(


by yak

submitted March 4th 2008

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Maybe she just had a kid? Like, yesterday?
9 years ago
9 years ago
thats a huge pussy......thats a huge pussy....hey I only said it once..fucking echo!
9 years ago

9 years ago
I'd break the glass in two an then have her shove one end in and out for 20 minutes
9 years ago
On a side note....

In the vag.
9 years ago
i wouldnt consider it a vagina anymore
9 years ago
more liken to a trashbag full of tin cans and dirty water
9 years ago
shes ready to have her first kid.
9 years ago
She could probably give birth to a full grown "little superstar" and still not need anesthetics.

9 years ago
Shit, she wouldn't even have to push. The kid would just fall out.
9 years ago
her "potch" looks like the killer from scream
9 years ago
It's ok. This is mucho. We can say pussy here.

9 years ago
haha I just prefer the word potch.
9 years ago
^^ Pussy
9 years ago
I was waiting for the part where the glass shatters and gets blood on the white sheets.
9 years ago
Has that happened to you? :P
9 years ago
I'd say I'd eat that pussy, but I think it would eat me instead. Imagine fucking her. It'd be like fucking those face-rests you put your face in when you're getting a back massage. Fuckin' HOT.
9 years ago
they're a little tight on me
9 years ago
It only goes to show you that some white women are made for black men.
2 years ago
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