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The Aliens Have Arrived...

Time to put on your Tin-Foil hats...


by invalid

submitted March 2nd 2008

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nothing like pranking a pair of pranksters... yeah, the alien squeal was a nice touch.
10 years ago

this is comedy now a days?
10 years ago
A guy got hit with an ironing board. It wasn't all bad.
10 years ago
10 years ago
I was hoping that everyone would laugh at the lame ass "special effects"
10 years ago
I wish i had a 'last post' so i could bag this shit out.
10 years ago
I found it slightly humorous.... I am drunk and on opium tho.
10 years ago
that was so fucking hilarious in tha end.
10 years ago
That fucking sucked.
10 years ago
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