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Arthur Shawcross

Was locked up after returning from nam for killing raping and eating a 10 year old girl and 11 year old boy. After being released from the term he served for these crimes he decided to kill whores because no one cares about them, and there was less chance of getting caught. He very much enjoyed cutting out the vagina and eating it.Taking eating pussy to an all new level. Hell is empty the devils are all here on Earth.


by SexualisPsychopathia

submitted March 2nd 2008

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They should send him to Japan.
10 years ago
you said that about that edmund guy too
10 years ago
yes he did .... the spamming fucka
10 years ago
You read them out of order.
10 years ago
hmm... him or manson.

i gotta go with this guy cause he killed little kids and ate them too.
10 years ago
i like pussy too
10 years ago
fried,with a little tobasco.
10 years ago
There is a program on Discovery called "Most Evil" a phcoligist and criminoligist rates serial killers on a score of 1 to 30 an i think he scored this guy one of the highist.
10 years ago
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