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Epic Fail

Guy fucks up trying to burn some folks.


by 1rish1

submitted March 1st 2008

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What in the fucking name of painful sex drove this guy to do this? Ridiculous...
10 years ago
The real question is why in the fuck are those people not chasing him down and beating the piss out of him? Fucking pussies!
10 years ago
That totally made my year. This is too funny.
10 years ago
hahaha what was he thinking....

they should have relit him on fire.. no amount of beating would have compared to charred flesh.
10 years ago
you h ave to give him credit for being engulfed in flames, and then walking it off like it didn't just happen
10 years ago
FAIL! Although not epic. It would have been epic if his motorcycle exploded from the flames.
10 years ago
Shut the fuck up, it's epic if I say it is, Fagentine.
10 years ago
10 years ago
hahahahahaahhaaha, and he walks off with his bike ...thanx 1rish1, you made my day
10 years ago
He used all his gas from his bike.
10 years ago
amazing security camera work
10 years ago
is this guy for hire?
10 years ago
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