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a song dedicated to invalid

a plea for you to escape the closet your hiding in...

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by BigBadBlackTyrone

submitted February 29th 2008

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*laughs uncontrollably*... *Goes to sleep*
9 years ago
This is the first time I ever enjoyed one of these cartoons.
9 years ago
Avenue Q is the same musical that the "Internet is for Porn" song is from.
9 years ago
invalid loves man cream pies
9 years ago
i cant wait to see this when it comes to philly in a few weeks.

avenue q is hilarious.

nice AMV
9 years ago
mmmm Tony Lukes cheesesteaks..
9 years ago
Anime is unwatchable.
9 years ago
yet hentai...
9 years ago
fuck you haters anime is the shit!!! this song sucks
9 years ago
reply button?
9 years ago
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