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How Un Ladylike


.... i'd kick her out of bed...


by BraveSamuel

submitted February 22nd 2008

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what a disgusting video! how could mucho stoop this low! what's next? puking and shitting on each other?!?!
9 years ago
i agree..
9 years ago
nah... who would do this kind of thing in camera?
9 years ago
i dont like it much, but she did have a mouth full...besides that nice tits
9 years ago
Beautiful fucking tits!
9 years ago
my kind of woman
9 years ago
belching is acceptable when youre getting yoru dick sucked.

its a sign that she either A: is trying really hard to deepthroat you despite her gagreflex.

Or b: that Big tacobell dinner you tried to woo her with is backfiring.
9 years ago
or you have carbonated semen.
9 years ago
she's buying ME taco bell
9 years ago
Dont be so easy.
9 years ago
Would've been 10x funnier if she'd just swallowed at the time...
9 years ago
LOL, Yeah
9 years ago
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