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This is Viki, she's from the Czech Republic. She's 18. Fap on!


by Wario7793

submitted February 21st 2008

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Watching her talk makes me think I'm watching one of those english as a second language teaching videos.... Dog. I like Dog. My Dog name is Shit.
10 years ago
She is 18, I mean what can you really expect from her, or any 18 year old for that matter?
10 years ago
Wait, I wanted to hear more about her dog. What kind of dog is it? Can it fetch? What's it's name?
10 years ago
She speaks better English than most 18 year old girls.
10 years ago
She talks like Helen Keller
10 years ago
Haha, best part !
10 years ago
eh... shes got a pretty face at least
10 years ago
pretty face?! are u fuckin gay? shes fuckin hott as hell
10 years ago
im gay cause i LIKE her face?!?!?!

::explodes from sheer idiocy::
10 years ago
did u not see her naked body?
10 years ago
I wonder how tight her 18 yr old pussy is.
10 years ago
Oh, she's probably as tight as a third grader!!!
10 years ago
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