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another beheading video

American Hostage Jack Hensley Beheading Video


by punk_rock156

submitted September 26th 2004

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all fucking radical islamists have to fucking die before the world can advance any further, there is no way to reason with these psychos, theres just no way.
11 years ago
if you never posted this comment i wouldnt have seen this video tonight. we need to exterminate them.
11 years ago
It`s your problem dude...
Don`t go there in the first place...
11 years ago
no it is our problem they started the fight we are finishing it!
10 years ago
that is soooo fucked up I am glad we are killing innocent people in their country remember 9/11
10 years ago
should kill em all women kids and men all dunecoons
9 years ago
and our country is all about "fairness" fuck that burn all them cocksuckers
9 years ago
Allah Akbar...
6 years ago
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