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Hover Car

No traffic jams with this car.


by Mustang51PNA

submitted February 16th 2008

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red bull?
10 years ago
It does give you wings
10 years ago
It better drive/fly faster than that. Thats pretty fucking slow
10 years ago
See how fast it goes with my fat ass in it.
10 years ago
It's a fuckin' balloon... although, it would be great launching this off of a high-story parking garage and watch the reactions below...
10 years ago
Seen this before. All it is, is a fiberglass shell...nothing inside of it. They put four wireless fans underneath it.
10 years ago
Fuck, I didn't watch the whole thing @ first lol.
10 years ago
I would love to shoot it down.
10 years ago
thats what it did when i drove it as well ...straight through a hedge
10 years ago
y r the Brits so obsested with cheap compact flying cars(harry potter)??
10 years ago
That always happens when I listen to Pink Floyd.
10 years ago
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