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Another Gear Shift Fap


Its the new in thing.


by yak

submitted February 15th 2008

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This is why flappy paddle shifts are a bad thing.
10 years ago
the first time a video of a bitch riding a shifter was posted i thought it was pretty hot but every one since then is just...ordinary,
once youve seen one bitch ride a shifter youve seen em all
10 years ago
I fully agree, it's like seeing cathedrals in Europe, you've seen one, you get the picture
10 years ago
Boy that first one was hot....Damn, hell yeah it was.
10 years ago
Woulda been more interesting if it was a T bar shifter.
10 years ago
So I got thinking...Would this increase the value of the car or lower it? If I knew I was buying a car with vag smell too it I'd offer a few hundred bucks more perhaps,.
10 years ago
I keep wanting this car to pop out of gear and roll into something.
10 years ago
That car is soooo hot
10 years ago
and its a good thing she used protection
10 years ago
10 years ago
some1 sould have started the car she probobly have more fun
10 years ago
I love what you do for me TOYOTA!!!
10 years ago
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