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Cheers - Cliff on Jeopardy

Will the Mucho have patience for this comedy classic? I can only guess.


by shloppypoppyweedooshraw

submitted February 10th 2008

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Haha.. good post Schloppy.
10 years ago
and the crowd goes fucking boo.
10 years ago
Wow, the guy we've never heard of constitutes a crowd. The 3 guys with avatars who like the clip have you surrounded, btw.
10 years ago
is this another one of hanks disifals?
10 years ago
What's a disifal, Chodemuncher?
10 years ago
Sort of like a disciple, but with less pay
10 years ago
10 years ago
oldie but goodie
10 years ago
I remember watching that when I was like 8. Good memories.
10 years ago
Classic. Norm and Cliff were the best part of that show...
10 years ago
i never noticed the editing error on the show, but at the end, notice the woman's reaction shot...her score reads 3300 when it should read 400.
6 years ago
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