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Billy Jack

Bruce Lee aint got shit on Billy Jack


by xxNATASxx

submitted February 7th 2008

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that dudes so gangster
10 years ago
Billy Jack's badass! And that's Turbonegro playing at the end!
10 years ago
Do not mock Billy Jack.
10 years ago
This an unholy combination of Walker: Texas Ranger, Ominous Hamster and Westside Story.
10 years ago
...in stretch denim jeans
10 years ago

just rush him .

or since youre all dressed as cowboys for halloween shoot the mother fucker!
10 years ago
yes, shoot him. they were aligned perfectly there to shoot the fucker to pieces. probably wishing they all had uzis.
10 years ago
Damn it , cowboys are sooooo 1860's.....
10 years ago
Bruce Lee could take him.
10 years ago
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