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And now...

Your moment of Zen.


by Mako

submitted February 7th 2008

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10 years ago
10 years ago
Yeah, well, it IS a vid of girls kissing.
10 years ago
I picked a bad time to run out of tissues.

Aw, fuck it, I've got a sock.
10 years ago
Lol, A sock.
Why not a towel/wash cloth?
10 years ago
Tshirt all the way.
10 years ago
I just wipe it on your moms apron while she's doing my dishes
10 years ago
Hot stuff
10 years ago
step 1 - kissing
step 2 - shitting in a cup

i dont understand how this works
10 years ago
what happened to that chick who thought that everyone had shit jobs because she was with the police? she got banned or something?
10 years ago
LSD is still around.
10 years ago
"Moment of Zen" would have just been the 1st scene =/
10 years ago
Nothing hotter than two hot chicks kissing. Works for me every time.
10 years ago
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