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Funny Prank and Mini Fights

I don't know how well this will come out with the black bars on the top and bottom but it is still pretty funny.


by 1rish1

submitted February 6th 2008

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haha why does everyone get so pissed off?
10 years ago
in primitive cultures, finding out somebody is handicap, is the same as finding out that the woman sucking your dick, is a man. Not only that, but a man capable of devastating foley sounds.
10 years ago
what makes you think it's a primitive culture?
10 years ago
They're not all white.
10 years ago
My God these are a violent people.
10 years ago
Thats the pot calling the.....nm
10 years ago
what makes these people get so 'RILED UP'
10 years ago
cripples are fast
10 years ago
That woman slapped the shit out of him.
10 years ago
I think it's funny how he ends up running for his life almost every time.
10 years ago
Fools feel better after kicking some ass
10 years ago
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