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Redneck @ The County Fair



by Mustang51PNA

submitted February 6th 2008

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Where's the sharpie?
10 years ago
In your "moonpie"?
10 years ago
This kind of thing is so common in Europe.
10 years ago
I have nightmares where I walk like that
10 years ago
That's how Dik walks home from the Liquor store.
10 years ago
thats me like 9 days out of the week

10 years ago
I walk like that whenever i drink absinthe,anyone ever try black absinthe? got a 160%proof bottle that needs drinking.
10 years ago
BLACK absinthe? never heard of that but it sounds fucking cool. Is it legal in europe?
10 years ago
wow a jolly good repost
10 years ago
when ur THAT drunk, walking is an extreme sport.

Hey, isn't this the grownups' parkour?
10 years ago
his shoes were trying to get away what was he supposed to do?
10 years ago
I wish I was that drunk so that I wouldn't go to work tomorrow and have a three day weekend to get drunk.
10 years ago
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