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Bad Girl




by Mustang51PNA

submitted February 1st 2008

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Bad Girl
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should be a mucho hand.
10 years ago
Hah, I've done that to a chicks ass before. Through her jeans, no less. Still, bare ass is better than through jeans.
10 years ago
you forgot to mention it wasn't a handprint, it was a dickprint. yeeha.
10 years ago
Nah, I don't like abusing my cock, unlike some of you.

Seriously though, when you've smacked a chicks ass so hard your hand hurts and she's complimenting you on how hard you hit... Well, it fucking hurts, but it's great.
10 years ago
That nerd rope looks tasty.
10 years ago
hairy bunghole.
10 years ago
Don't know him.
10 years ago
nice beef curtains
10 years ago
A girl once left a mark like that on my face. Stroppy cow, I only agreed with her that her rear was maybe outside the parameters of normality.

On a different note, I can't believe that someone has actually searched for Team Shit! (recent searches)
10 years ago
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