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amy crackhouse

what a shock, I cant wait to see her missing more teeth and even skinnier



submitted January 30th 2008

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WTF is the deal with the sound?
10 years ago
yeah, the original had sound that was evenly unintelligible...
10 years ago
i have never tried to smoke crack. Does it have to be a special kind of crack? I always sniff my crack. Whats the benefits to smoke it then sniff it?
10 years ago
the compounds are similar but the difference between cocaine and crack i think has to do with freeing up a hydrogen atom so it effects the brain differently and more potently, but i don't know exactly and that's because I'm not a nigger.
10 years ago
god bless alcohole you drink it a lot and the day after you crawl in pain in the bed and want to never drink again, then next weekend you drink again. Some people will never learn....
10 years ago
Just keep sniffing your crack. You'll be ok.
10 years ago
She's using a fucking LIGHTER to smoke rock? What a retard, she won't make it to the end of 2008.
10 years ago
What are you supposed to use, matches?
10 years ago
Hemostat, cotton swab, everclear.
10 years ago
It is perfectly acceptable to use a lighter to smoke crack, but a butane torch works better.
10 years ago
But fuck that I'm bout to put my soldias in the game
And tell ya how to make crack from cocaine.
1. Look for the nigga wit the whitest snow
2. No buying from no nigga that you don't know
make yo way to the kitchen where the stove be
You get the baking soda I got yo D
Get the triple beam and measure out yo dope
Mix one gram of soda every seven grams of coke
An shake it up until it get harder
Then sit the tube in some ready made cold water
Twist the bitch like a knot while it's still hot
And watch that shit while it can rise to the fuckin top
Now ya cocaine powda is crack.
10 years ago
Thats how you make niggar crack yo.  White people put 1/2 gram in a spoon with a pinch of baking soda then heat untill color changes.  Then blow on it to cool and take a cold butter knife and scrape the crack floating off the top.  Scrape knife and repeat, then take it in one hit and pass out.  I sell crack like, well crack.  Stay 'bout it 'bout it Irish
10 years ago
good for her...
10 years ago
Maybe she could die soon? Ya?
Sick of hearing about her dumbass already...
10 years ago
Yeah same here.
10 years ago
So whos mom is this crack whore anyway?
10 years ago
my favourite slag.
10 years ago
crack aint just for breakfast anymore- ask amy!

10 years ago
shoulda smoked hippie crack.
10 years ago
hippie crack = Nitrous oxide you don't smoke it, you huff it.
10 years ago
she's rich and has everyone telling her yes, how can you not expect her to smoke crack
10 years ago
Whatta waste. She was a nice looking woman before she started the meth....
2 years ago
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