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Asshole Licking Good


KFC's new slogan to target a more distinguished audience.


by yak

submitted January 26th 2008

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Is it me? or did that kitty seemed too tight for that type of whore?
10 years ago
she has her legs closed so itll look much tighter than it really is.
10 years ago
special effects
10 years ago
hell who hasn't licked the ol balloon-knot.
10 years ago
I'll have to say that I have not, but nice acronym.
10 years ago
Nice euphemism as well.
10 years ago
I like anus.
10 years ago
that chick had a really long tongue. im fapping as we speak.
10 years ago
I'd tell you I have a long tongue, but now I'm scared to.
10 years ago
Anyone else notice the proliferation of European dudes in porn? If there's one thing I don't want to hear when a chick's getting nailed, it's a dude with a shitty French accent talking about 'how good ze pooosy iz.'
10 years ago
I should try to find the video I had of a Hawaiian chick going to town licking a blond chicks asshole.
10 years ago
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