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Asian Teeth Brushing PSA


This is how you convince people to brush their teeth.


by yak

submitted January 24th 2008

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Cute. Nice ass, too.
10 years ago
And now, she can have nice teeth as well.
10 years ago
9 out of 10 dentists agree that Colgate is #1 for Asian women's nipples.

The other dentist is AlbinoNegroidLover and he prefers using it on cocks before he brushes with them.
10 years ago
In his defense, cum whitens AND strengthens enamel.
10 years ago
hmmm which is better a crest smile or a colgate smile...?

cause im down for either flavor.
10 years ago
Well, if they knew where to actually put the tooth paste then maybe they all wouldn't have fucked up teeth!
10 years ago
10 years ago
Cinnamon has to burn more than mint.
10 years ago
oh yeah nothing like dental hygiene to get ya in the mood huh
10 years ago
For everyone who has a toothpaste fetish.
10 years ago
well it almost had the same principal as the real toothpaste commercials. they show them brushing their teeth, but not actually using the toothpaste. wtf is up with that.
10 years ago
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