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Co-Worker Prank

Changing the co-workers cubicle


by Mustang51PNA

submitted January 23rd 2008

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Now there's an office to be proud of! Go team gay builders
10 years ago
Awesome, I want to work there.
10 years ago
No doubt. I wanna work some place where I could waste that much company time doing something like that and not get fired.
10 years ago
sometimes i get this kind of free time at work.. i love it
10 years ago
he's gonna feel confined in a couple of hours, hope hes not claustrophobic
10 years ago
Fucking loosers each and every one. Corporate America...wasting time as usual.
10 years ago
You must be blue collar.
10 years ago
wow that was genuinely hilarious............................................................
10 years ago
How is that a prank? I would of thanked them, gone inside and locked the door and closed the blinds and went to town
10 years ago
I, too, fail to see the "prank". Unless, of course, you think something like Habitat For Humanity is a prank.
10 years ago
nice cubicle, needs a womens touch though.
10 years ago
what do you call the flowers ?
a mans work ?
10 years ago
fizzo the coon is there manager i bet

what a cunt.
10 years ago
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